Sheet mask love affair

If there is one beauty item I have loved longer and harder than anything else, it is a good face mask. My love for face masks started when I was a little kid. I remember a cucumber mask from Avon that my mom gave me. You would apply a thick coat, let it sit, then peel it, along with any hair in its path away. I remember thinking how beautiful my skin looked, and feeling so grown up when I admired my fresh skin in the mirror.

Now that I’m an actual gown up who wants my skin to look like it did when I was a kid, it is a lot more work. You can put on all the makeup in the world, but if you don’t start with a good base to apply it to, your work is all in vain. Thus bringing us to my love affair with sheet masks. 

Korean beauty products are among some of my favorites. They are so cute, smell yummy, and seem to work well with my skin in general. When I fell in love with the brand Tony Moly, I discovered their sheet masks and had to try one. After the immediate shock of my appearance, the first time I used one, I was hooked. Immediately I went out and got a ton of them.

There are ones with aloe, lemon, wine, pomegranate,  you name it there is probably a sheet mask made with it. The best part about the wide range of sheet mask types, is that you can look at your skin in that moment. What does your skin need today? Are you dry? Dull? Covered in pimples?! You can treat your issue that you have now. 

I still buy some traditional masks that I know I will reach for often. Buy how am I going to know what my skin will be like next week or the week after? This is why sheet masks are so handy. Buy a few, and treat as you go. Since I started doing this a few months back, I have noticed more stability in my skin, and now my makeup game seems more on point. 

If you want to try a few different masks,  Amazon always has some amazing deals on variety packs. Places like Urban Outfitters and Ulta also carry a huge variety of brands at affordable prices.  

Let me know if treating your skin as you go works for you. Thanks for reading! 


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