Shea Moisture Youth Infusing Mud Mask

I wasn’t totally sure what to expect from this mask when I first picked it up. I found it for $14, and the container is pretty big, so I am expecting this bad boy to last me quite a long time. I was looking for something to help draw out impurities and to give my skin a more even and clear complexion. Sheet masks are somewhat of an addiction of mine so I thought I would try a good old fashioned mud mask. 

When I got home, put my son to bed, made my husband and myself dinner, it was finally time to settle down for the evening, I removed all my makeup, washed my face and patted it dry. I opened the lid on the mask container and I was instantly overwhelmed with a semi-exotic and fruity smell. I have always been a sucker for the texture of a nice thick mud mask and this one, along with the yummy smell did not dissapoint. 

I applied a generous amount of product all over my face an neck using a facial mask brush. Initially when applying the product my skin felt a little sensitive to it, but that feeling went away almost as quickly as it came on and was replaced by the feeling of soaking up hydration. Even as the mask sat for the recommended 10 minutes and was drying, my face still felt like it was absorbing the moisture. 

After my 10 minutes was up, I washed everything off with warm water. Sometimes thicker mud masks can be a bit of a pain to get totally off the skin, however this one rinsed away surprisingly quickly. I followed the mask up with a toner, firming serum and lotion. 

My skin looked so radiant, and my complextion was evened out when I was done with my little ritual, and it felt amazingly soft. This mask is perfect for just about anybody. It’s quick and infuses your skin with moisture and a vitamin rich formula you are sure to love. 


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