Essence “Matt Matt Matt” lip color review

Last night I was doing my usual routine of watching YouTube and I heard 3 people talk about these Essence Matt Matt Matt lip colors. They are $3.99 each, which is such a steal. I picked up three of these guys in the shades (left to right), 02, 03, and 07.

Immediately after getting into my car I had to try one, I opened up shade 02, which you can see in the left swatch is such a beautiful nude tone, yet it had enough tint to give your lips some life. This formula glides on so nicely and didn’t go on patchy in the least, just a beautiful opaque color. My favorite thing about out these is that they stay creamy as you wear them, while giving you that matte texture, which can be hard to find as some formulas are very drying.

After putting this on, I went to the park, got some coffee, picked up some salon supplies, gave my son lunch, took the dog out, 3 hours later, I go to swatch the other colors and my lips still look PHENOMENAL! What?! For $3.99 and life proof wear, I suggest you run, don’t walk, get yourself to Target and pick these up!


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