Whole30 Challenge [days 1-11]

I started researching the Whole30 a couple of weeks before I decided to give it a try and jump in. For those of you who do not know what it is, it’s a detox/cleanse of sorts that restarts your body and makes it absorb the fuel you put into it properly, all while curbing your sugar cravings and making you look amazing from the inside out. 

At first I was skeptical. I think everything is too good to be true, how can being forced to eat a certain way make me feel and look so much better? Most of us have tried various detox diets, or cleanses before just to go back to our old habits shortly after finishing (if we finished at all). I cannot say if I went back to my old ways because I am only on day 11. However, if day 30 feels just as good or better as day 11, I’m hooked. 

The Whole30 requires a ton of planning. Lucky for me I always plan my menus for the upcoming week so I’m not tempted to go out as often. Before I busted out my notebook and started making a week 1 menu, I checked with my husband to see if he’d be willing to participate… he agreed! 

I won’t lie the first week was very rough for me. I wasn’t starving per say, I just had no idea how much I should really be eating. On the detox you do not count calories, which is anazing, but my brain is trained and conditioned to have portions that are tiny while doing diets and detox plans. Needless to say, I went back to the store 3 times in the first week. My first word of advice is to eat bigger portions than you think. You aren’t really supposed to snack on Whole30, unless you’ve just come from the gym or are truly hungry.  

After I got my portions in order, I really didn’t feel the need for a snack unless I had just worked out hard. This is amazing. I was the freaking snack queen of the universe. I would rather never eat a meal and just have snacks, so this was big news. 

All was going well until I hit day 5… then shit hit the fan. I was nauseous, had stomach pains, felt faint, had a hangover type headache, just all around miserable. I had read on the Whole30 website that this was very common and was caused by toxins being released into your body. What had I been feeding myself that made me feel this crappy?! Lucky for me this only lasted about 8 hours.  The next couple of days I had a mild headache, but I just upped my water intake and powered on. 

When day 8 hit, I felt dramatically different.  I slept solid. A deep, uninterrupted sleep that I had not had in a life time. WOW! I looked in the mirror, my skin was clearer and… glowing?! 

Day 9, I went to the gym and upped my weights and my resistance on the elliptical. I had planned to do this anyways, but I felt strong the whole time. Usually when I bump things up a few pounds I get pretty sore for a couple of days, but I haven’t felt sore at all. I feel amazing.

By today, day 11 I am 100% convinced this detox is different than anything else I have ever tried. I don’t feel like I am deprived or on a diet. I feel like I am feeding my body the fuel it actually wants, and unlike all the junk I have been giving it, my body knows what to do with it. 

I have next week off of work for a little 10 day stay-cation and I plan on making delicious meals, working out, and pampering myself. I want to give full dedication. I can’t wait to see what the next 19 days bring. 


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