Things to do at night to get ahead in the morning.

The morning can be a crazy time for a big majority of people. Whether you are a compulsive snoozer, or a chronic procrastinator, these tips will help all of us out the door with way less stress and help you start your day calm and collected. 

The first thing you can do at night to help yourself out in the morning is to shower before bed. I recently picked up the showering at night habbit, and it has brought me back to me childhood. Showering at night is such a relaxing way to end your day and helps me get a better night sleep. I have also started letting my hair air dry, this way I can save some heat damage and just a quick style to polish my look a bit in the morning. 

The next thing to do at night is to get your lunch ready for the next day. Make a salad, put your protein bar or powder in your bag now instead of running around your kitchen, grabbing everything and hoping you didn’t leave anything behind. When I rush to get my lunch together in the morning I always seem to forget something, this is when I wind up hungry and embarking on a journey to Starbucks. Take 5 minutes and just do it! 

After getting my lunch together I will clean my kitchen by loading all the dishes in my sink into the dishwasher. Running your dishwasher at night will make it super easy to unload in the morning. This tip is a benefit in the morning because everything is ready to go, and when you get home from the day your kitchen isn’t a total disaster area. 

When I’m done  watching TV at night and head into my bedroom, I like to pick out what I am going to wear the next day. Doing this is so easy, take a look at the weather and figure it all out now, this way when you roll out of bed you don’t even have to think about what goes on your body. Unresponsive, uncaffinated zombie you will thank calm and coherent you later. 

The last thing I like to do before bed is check out my planner and make sure I have everything written down that I need to do the next day. I will even write a mini grocery list so I don’t forget anything if I need to run by the store the next day. Writing out what you need to do the next day is amazing because it’s almost guaranteed you won’t forget that one thing you really needed to get done, but can’t for the life of you remember what it is. 

I hope these tips can help you have a better start to your day or at least inspire you to come up with your own ideas on how to mainstream your morning routine! 


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