What’s up with water?

Why does drinking water feel like such a dreaded chore? I know I’m not alone on this one, seriously. Each end of work day rolls around and here I am again, dehydrated and grumpy. Why didn’t I just casually sip my water through the day like all my co-workers?

We have all been reminded time and time again of all the wonderful health benefits of drinking water; glowing skin, more energy and a faster metabolism. So ask me again why I don’t just drink it?! I recently was watching a YouTube video from Love Sweat Fitness (if you don’t already follow her, I highly suggest you do), and she was talking about how important drinking your water really is, and I finally thought, I NEED to get on this train.

We are going to get a little graphic here for a moment so bear with me on this one. Everybody needs a different amount of water throughout the day, and it all depends on your lifestyle, activity level and many other factors. To know if you are drinking enough water, you will want to take a look at your pee. You don’t want it too yellow (not enough water), and you don’t want it crystal clear (too much water). We’re looking for a pale lemonade color people. After a day or two of being a pee inspector, I figured out that I need about 3L of water on a regular day, and about 4L on a cardio or highly active day.

I decided that I needed an easy and highly achievable goal and plan on how to actually succeed on reaching my water goal each day. I actually surprised myself by finding a way to get my water through the the day in a easy way.

I wake up and start my day with about an 8oz glass of water. After this I’ll have my coffee and breakfast. The first thing I do when I get to work is fill my 24oz Bubba tumbler up. I try to drink one full tumbler by 11a.m., one by 2p.m. and the last one by 5p.m. Once I get back home I usually have a glass of water before or with dinner (I will add an extra 24oz in if I do a cardio workout). That’s it! So why has this been so hard?

Within one week of my new found love of H2O, I noticed brighter and more plump skin. I felt way less bloated and my digestion felt on track. The best part is, I have had so much more energy throughout the day. I have been going longer and harder at the gym. My body was so thirsty, it wasn’t performing right.

I still struggle to drink my water every day, but I can honestly say I really do try now. If you are like me and ride that struggle bus, try and set up a realistic plan for drinking water. You’ll thank me when you feel re-energized and rejuvenated!


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